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What Do We Provide Our founders?

What exactly we offer?


A Consolidated Team

A diverse team to execute & brainstorm your idea


Revenue Focused Approach

From day one, we focus on how your idea can generate a revenue.


No surplus demanded

We work with founders in exchange of equity with no other financial demands.


Investment & Patience

We invest in feasible ideas and patiently wait on the ROI.

How we convert your idea into a product?

Our Process

Any idea needs a series of process in order to convert them into a business



Is your idea derived from a problem you faced or it's a community-based issue. Understanding your idea is the first step of the process.


Brain Storming

Is your team credible or are we compatible to work on the long term as founders? Through brainstorming, we check the credibility of the idea


Business Plan & Execution

We draft a business plan, as well as the execution process along with other investment, needs to be executed in the coming months. The process usually takes 1 month.


MVP Launch

The first MVP launches with a focus on customer response. In the process we iterate the product in order to meet the market requirements.

Watch ``How we can build your idea?``

Learn how we can convert your idea into a business.

In December 2016, Aravind teamed up with us to build ptemocktest.com


In December 2016, Aravind becomes the first founder to trust us with his business idea. After six months of brainstorming, development and testing, we launched ptemocktest.com.

With nearly two years coming to an end, we proudly sit on the boards of a profitable venture.

The venture is already a profitable business with 50,000+ registered users and 56% growth rate.

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Rohit, an Ex- Ubisoft approached us in July 2018, to build a gaming company out of India

Kuba Games

Rohit, came on board when he started to create a gaming company that is based out of India.

His motto with Kuba Games is to build a game that can be widely acknowledged on the world level.


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What Our Founders have to say?

The 2-year journey with helpscalee has been a remarkable one. When I discussed my idea with Anjani, I thought it had potential, but I was not considering it to become a great product in the language course niche. The execution, planning, strategy and the funds really helped me a lot to put the product on the map. I look forward to continuing the journey and put the product at a better level


Kalyan Aravind Kumar

Co-founder, ptemocktest.com

I got in touch with the team in July and ever since i have really liked the approach they have been taking in making our product work. I look forward to work with him and his team in creating Kuba Games.


Rohit Goswami

Co-founder, Kuba Games


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