We are startup enthusiasts.

Our team is build up with individuals with startup-centric mindset who believe in the very existence of a startup. We respect every founder and his/her idea to create a great product, all we wish is to be a part of the great journey.

We understand how a startup works, how to lay its foundation and build upon a product that is profitable from day one of operations. Every idea that comes across us, goes through a rigorous session of research, feasibility & other parameters. Every founder is given the complete chance to put his or her thought that can help him/her make us understand the business model of the product. Being startup concentric, we think that a great idea and a possible product can create a niche itself. Hence we make sure to take a complete analysis of any idea and work towards a great product.

We are risk takers.

You can not say that a product will be a failure or success until and unless you make it available for users to decide.

As entrepreneurs we understand, the risk that goes into building a product from its ideation to its launch and further management, but we are proud of the risks that we take and always look to convert our risks into feasible products. However, we also ensure that we take calculated risks that can enable the betterment of both the founder and co founder.

We are problem solvers.

“Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome,” The whole motto of helpscalee moves around the vertical that a given product should be a problem solver.

We believe that when a founder pitches his/her idea it is based on some problem, for which he is looking for an optimal solution. We understand the problem, we hear the solution and we convert it into the best optimal solution that can really be a problem solver and a great product. We take our problem-solving ability with great seriousness and apply it to multiple stages of the product or business.