Creating businesses

Your idea is the first step of numerous ladders that you need to climb in order to make it a business. Luckily we at helpscalee understand the very foundation of a great product & can help you create one.

How we launch a business.

It’s never easy to build a business out of idea. However, we believe with our support it can be much smoother. Learn the stages involed in creating a business.

Ideation Stage 1

The first stage involves getting in touch with you and creating a rough sketch of your idea & the problem it is looking to solve.

Technology Audit

We enable the technology audit to decide whether it would be a hardware oriented product or software oriented, along with user feasibility


Initialization & development of the product in three stages: prototype, minimum viable testing, & launch product

Ideation Stage 2

In the second stage, we brainstorm, research and check the feasibility of the idea, upon which we decide for the execution of the idea involving documentation.

Infrastructure Audit

We decide upon cost involved in the development, maintenance and smooth functioning of the product over a given period of six months.


Once a product is market ready, we prepare a SMM strategy and launch the product with complete management over the period of six months.

Get in Touch With Us.

Whether it's an idea that you want to discuss or a product you want to develop. We are always here to get the best out of your idea. We also ensure that your idea remains safe with us deep locked down.