The Indian education system is one of its kind considering the fact that every year lakhs of projects/products are prepared by students as a part of their major final year project. Some of them are some great prototypes that can be converted into great products. So what happens to these great projects.

Well, to quote the words of our founders: We build up a working prototype but we couldn’t complete it as a product due to lack of funds & right mentorship, and the story continues. If stats are taken into consideration every year almost 99% projects submitted by the students don’t make it past the college lab due to lack of funds & mentorship. The result is astounding as we often miss on some great products that can be with the right fund & mentorship can be converted to great products.

Keeping these aspects in mind, helpscalee is launching a virtual incubation program for candidates which will enable them to launch their final year projects into successful products. Here is a detailed step through which you can apply for the incubation.

Step 1: Submit your idea for the final year project through the given link :

Step 2: Every year we invest a minimum viable amount in 10 ideas that can become a successful product. Selection of idea is done at the end of submission period.

Step 3: Upon selection, the required fund is granted along with continuous mentoring and product development assistance.

Step 4: Upon final prototype, the product is presented to list of investors, who select five products in which further investment can be made to enable it into a business/product.

Step 5: Co-founders of the selected projects are met upon for final documentation & business build up.

Our aim is to give maximum exposure to the final year projects and enable them into a successful business enabling numerous jobs, diversity & and above all a change for the good.